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Humbers Homemade

Homemade jams, chutneys and preserves.

Humbers Homemade was born out of life changing circumstances! June 2007 I had a nervous breakdown, and whilst on my journey of recovery I found that making jam was therapeutic, so I made loads. However the Other Half and our 4 kids don't eat jam so my jars kept building up and up. Then Other Half suggested going to a local vintage tractor rally and selling them there, which we did over a weekend and by the following Friday I was on our local market each week, that was September 2007.

From there we have gone from strength to strength, we currently attend 18 farmers markets a month, we also sell our products at deli's, farmer shops and hotels.

Some of our achievements last year were winning 2 weeks free training in the Mall, Luton, being nominated for an Eastern region award and being featured on The One Show in November, which has raised our profile particularly nationally.

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Tel: 01525 750246